9 - 11 April 2019 // Nuremberg, Germany

Travel to POWTECH by train, car and aeroplane

Airport Nuremberg

Nuremberg has always been a central transport hub in Europe. By train, by car or by aeroplane – the choice is yours. You can read how to get to the exhibition venue comfortably in each case here.

Please note: Reconstruction of the station square in Nuremberg

There are significant traffic obstructions in the area of the main station in Nuremberg due to the reconstruction of the station square. Please avoid the construction site if possible.

Relocation of the waiting area for taxis

During the reconstruction, taxis are located at the refurbished lane next to the Stadtgraben, which is located between the Handwerkerhof and Königsstraße. A temporary pedestrian walkway leads across the station square to this area.