Pharmaceutical solids: Modular batch systems vs. continuous production

9 - 11 April 2019 // Nuremberg, Germany

For decades, FDA and CGMP guidelines have shaped the development of pharmaceutical plants. As a result, we now have technically refined plants for the safe handling of highly potent solid active ingredients and for mixing with excipients, granulation, drying, pelleting and coating.

At POWTECH 2019, visitors from the pharmaceutical industry can look forward to seeing machines perfectly designed for pharmaceutical requirements and a range of reliable containment solutions. A new trend can be seen in modular solutions, which make it possible to produce small batches flexibly and profitably to accommodate the growth in personalised medication encouraged by the digital transformation. Continuous production, providing an opportunity to combine high output with more profitable processes, is playing an increasingly important role, promising competitive advantages thanks to opportunities promoted by the FDA, such as Quality by Design. Talk to the exhibitors at POWTECH 2019 about the alternatives to traditional plant designs that will suit your particular needs, and benefit from the practical presentations and suggestions on offer.

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Focus on pharmaceuticals

Hall 3 is the main port of call for pharmaceutical industry producers with the Pharma Forum and its special area "pharmaceutical solids", which will offer lectures on all aspects of continuous manufacturing, tabletting, coating and cleaning. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical excipients will also be present with a table-top exhibition for the first time in addition to participating in the Forum. The APV Lounge also invites its association members to the trade fair and to network in Hall 3.
In addition, with the help of Guided Tours conducted in cooperation with an independent publisher, pharmaceutical visitors will find just the right suppliers to solve their process engineering challenges.


Pharma.Manufacturing.Excellence forum

Intelligent excipients and progressive plants – the key to process efficiency and drug product performance
This year’s Pharma.Manufacturing.Excellence forum highlights functional excipients and new process solutions to bolster drug delivery and manufacture. It will address the topics of tabletting, coating, cleaning, and the special topic of continuous manufacturing. Seize the opportunity to get a scientific update alongside the practical solutions on display at the exhibition.

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Recruting Day

Looking for a new job? Visit the Recruiting Day on the Thursday afternoon and talk with HR decision makers from an exciting range of companies! Check out the company pitches at the Networking Campus and discover what the exhibiting companies can offer you as a potential employee. Interested in one company in particular? Make use of the adjacent interview rooms for an initial discussion with them and lay the groundwork for your new job!

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