International Processing Trade Fair for Powder, Bulk Solids, Fluids and Liquids

26 - 28 September 2023 // Nuremberg, Germany

POWTECH 2022 – The focus areas at the trade fair for mechanical process engineering and bulk solids technology 

Product range

POWTECH is the leading trade fair for conveyor technology, dispensing technology, screening and process engineering. From 27 to 29 September, the specialist industry event will be a stage for exciting discussions between exhibitors and visitors from the bulk solids sector. These discussions will focus on the current challenges and latest developments in mechanical process engineering.

The bulk solids industry is full of dynamic processes. The wide variety of available products covers a range of processes, including analysis, shredding, screening, fluidising, mixing, conveying, storing, dispensing and compacting. POWTECH 2023 will give you a comprehensive insight into bulk material handling and countless innovative process engineering technologies.

Basic processes for powder and bulk solids in mechanical processing engineering

When it comes to basic procedures in powder processing, companies are increasingly on the lookout for integrated solutions that save time. Leading manufacturers will use POWTECH 2023 to showcase their products that allow users to crush and shred large quantities of solid substances into small particles. These range from laboratory systems for the cosmetic sector to full-size industrial machinery. Also on show will be clever mixing and dispensing systems. Alongside this, POWTECH 2023 will feature solutions for screening, fluidising, granulation and briquetting, as well as bulk solids technology for drying and compressing powders. Our exhibitors will be happy to help you find the process that is right for you

  • Size reduction
  • Mixing
  • Fluidising
  • Separating, screening, filtering
  • Agglomerating, granulating, briquetting, compacting
  • Drying of powders and buld solids
  • Pressing
  • Coating and dragee coating

Machinery and process components

New machinery and components close gaps in mechanical process engineering where companies need customised solutions. Special disciplines within process technology call for a certain layout, design, production and commissioning. In process engineering in particular, machines and the highly durable components found within are subject to strict safety requirements that must be taken into account when constructing systems. At POWTECH 2023, our exhibitors will present their wide range of solutions for the following processes:

  • Dosing
  • Power technology
  • Emptying
  • Conveying, transport, storage
  • Pumps
  • Reactors
  • Pipe technologies
  • Media production and supply systems

Packaging and filling solutions in process engineering

Every production process ends with filling and packaging. In the past, the focus was mostly on filling and packaging standard products as quickly as possible on single-product production lines. Today, manufacturers need more flexibility. Regardless of whether they are packaging cosmetic products, plastics or food, the modern process of filling products into various packages often requires machinery to be retooled for different formats. Whatever your product, our exhibitors have the right filling and packaging solutions for you:

  • Filling equipment
  • Packaging technology and accessories
  • Marking systems
  • Packaging
  • Packing material

Measurement, control and automation for mechanical process engineering

The future of industrial production in the bulk solids industry lies in automation. The aim here is to design production processes to run safely and efficiently without the need for human machine operators. Optimised work processes can make your process engineering systems more efficient and competitive. Although automation is the driving force behind the factories of the future, you can benefit from partially or fully automated processes today. Make your business fit for the future and secure decisive advantages over the competition. At Messename], you will find the right contact partners for the following products:

  • Equipment at field level
  • Human-machine interfaces (HMI)
  • Particle analysis, process and laboratory instrumentation
  • Systems at automation level
  • Systems at ERP level

Manufacturing processes in nanoparticle technology

Experts see nanotechnology as one of the key advances of the 21st century. Nanoparticles are already being used in many areas – from food, packaging and textiles to fertilisers, cosmetics and car accessories. As the relevant technologies improve, the potential applications in production grow every year. Depending on where they are used, nanoparticles require a precisely defined size distribution that can depend on the chemical nature of the materials. This calls for a range of different nanoparticle production processes that our exhibitors will be showcasing at POWTECH 2023:

  • Analysis technologies for nanoparticles
  • Mechanical processing technologies for the production of nanoparticles
  • Wet-chemical processing technologies for the production of nanoparticles
  • Plasma processing technologies for the production of nanoparticles
  • Other nanoparticle technologies and accessories

Responsibility in the bulk solids sector: solutions for safety and environmental protection

In the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, protecting people and the environment is the utmost priority. As a result, many leading companies go beyond legal regulations. With a range of initiatives and constantly improving safety measures, the industry has been demonstrating its strong commitment to health, safety and sustainability for decades. Become part of this ambitious community and speak to our exhibitors about the various innovative safety systems for bulk solids technology:

  • Industrial fire protection
  • Electrical explosion protection
  • Non-electrical explosion protection
  • Plant safety
  • Emission protection
  • Workplace safety
  • Clean rooms and accessories
  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection and sterilisation
  • Environmental and staff hygiene
  • Environmental control and monitoring
  • Production environment
  • Environmentally compatible disposal systems

Quality control, assurance and management

Effective quality controls are a vital part of every production sequence in mechanical process engineering. They carefully monitor product quality across all phases of production. In fact, this starts well before production during the selection of materials. Employees from throughout the business are involved, from procurement and production management to R&D and of course those on the shop floor. Continuous third-party monitoring by international certification bodies is another important element. To maintain the high standards of the quality checks, quality management specialists use a series of special laboratory systems, analysis devices and IT systems. At POWTECH 2023, you will be sure to find the right support for your needs:

  • Laboratory installations and equipment
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Analytical equipment and procedures
  • QM systems

Services for mechanical process engineering

Processing powders and bulk solids frequently involves changes in the required performance of machinery and systems. Qualified service providers are here to support you in all kinds of areas related to mechanical process engineering, so that you and your staff can concentrate on your core business. From maintenance of laboratory and production systems to specialist product training in bulk solids technology. Discover the wide range of services for yourself at POWTECH 2023:

  • Plant construction and planning
  • Contract analysis
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Contract research
  • Contract packaging
  • Training and education, qualification
  • Consultancy
  • Technical publications
  • Facility management
  • Research institutes, universities
  • Certification
  • Engineering offices, engineering technologies
  • Logistics
  • Contract processing
  • Qualification
  • Simulation
  • Software
  • Validation
  • Associations, institutions, industry bodies
  • Testing establishments, laboratories

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